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We help the small service business run a more professional & efficient business.

Stop typing estimates after a long day, and spending countless hours fighting the format and styles. Instead, call us or email us your content and pricing and we'll whip up the most professional quote you've ever seen. Oh, and by the way, we'll tell you when the client views it!


Having a problem getting paid? Sick of driving around picking up payments, or waiting for the mail to arrive? Ask us to invoice, and we'll send it, track it, and follow up until you get paid. It's as easy as picking up the phone.

Follow Up

We know the most difficult part of growing a business is keeping up with all the opportunities and past clients that come in. Most service businesses stop at one attempt and give up. We don't. We follow up as needed to help you sell more!


By taking some of these 'hats' off your head, you can focus on what you love doing - your trade! You can also start to invest time into the important yet neglected aspects of the business.

  • Project Management

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We have options to fit the variety of stages that exist.


/ Mo
  • Member of Service Network
  • Quotes/Work-Orders/Invoices
  • Email Follow-up
  • Phone Follow-Up
  • Priority Leads
  • 50 minutes of concierge time
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/ Mo
  • Member of Service Network
  • Quotes/Work-Orders/Invoices
  • Email Follow-up
  • Phone Follow-Up
  • Priority Leads
  • 150 minutes of concierge time
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/ Mo
  • Member of Service Network
  • Quotes/Work-Orders/Invoices
  • Email Follow-up
  • Phone Follow-Up
  • Priority Leads
  • 350 minutes of concierge time
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About US

We believe we can raise the bar in the service industry, by helping small businesses think differently.
Helping businesses since 2012.

We believe that the owners, employees, and craftsmen/women in the service industry are the backbone of America. We also believe, that in tough economic times they are hit the hardest. Most of us in the industry are so focused on being the best, that the act of running the business suffers. Sometimes at the end of a big project we crunch all the numbers and wonder, "how did I work so hard and lose money on that job!?" We've tried hiring people, buying expensive software, creating a new file system, organizing and re-organizing while we say "this time will be different". Nothing seems to stick though, because at the end of the day, we are human and running a business while working full time is difficult.

Out of frustration we decided that it was time to change that. We set out to create a solution that not only helps run the business but it also helps grow the business. To create a community, where people help each other solve problems and gather/contribute useful content for other contractors as well as the DIYers. A place where someone can find a contractor, manage their project, and track expenses, without worrying about spending hours integrating with other systems. We think by fostering this community, everyone will thrive...because all ships rise with the incoming tide!

We are making an impact. A big impact. One company at a time.

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Our Team

Check our awesome team members who always work hard to provide quality services.
Jon Hill

Jon is jack of all trades when it comes to process, technology, and operations. He loves being challenged with new problems and coming up with cool solutions.

Ethan Wirt

Ethan is a presence, that can inspire anyone around him. He built a successful paint contracting business right out of college, and leverages that experience to help innovate yet still relate to the REAL problems!

Jason Bello
Wild Card

Somehow we convinced Jason to pack up his stuff in San Diego and drive across the country to join the team...Sucker! Now, he's an integral part in our day-to-day operations and manages the concierge team to develop a unmatched level of quality service. His experience as a consultant at Accenture bring a mind and attitude that will bring Hourwise to new heights.

Altron Corp
Investors and Advisor

Will Loving has been instrumental in the development of our business. As our lead mentor during Lighthouse Labs, Will stayed on and continues to mentor us. His experience and knowledge is unmatched and much appreciated!

New Richmond Ventures
Investors and Advisors

We wouldn't exist without such an amazing group behind us. Not only do they believe in us, but they share our same core values and genuine desire to help people.

Lighthouse Labs
Mentors and Cohorts

The best accelerator this side of the Mississippi! Still not sure how we got so lucky to be a part of such a great group. The mentors are amazing and the companies we're surrounded by are inspiring.


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